According to the principles of Feng Shui, clutter is a sign of blocked energy, and I have found this to be true.  Anytime I feel stuck in my life or my work, I clear the clutter in the associated area of my home or office and immediately feel renewed energy and inspiration.  When we are troubled by an issue, be it personal or professional, we often take one of two tactics.  Either we not only stop processing information about the subject but avoid it, or we obsess about it and ignore other less-pressing issues.  One consequence is that papers and assorted items begin to pile up in associated physical areas.   The clutter is an accumulation of items that would have moved through the area, had there not been an energy blockage.  In clearing the clutter, we signal our unconscious that we are ready to clear the energy blockage.

While the ancient science of Feng Shui has mapped out much detail about exactly which three-dimensional areas are associated with different parts of our lives, there are many associations that we can see just by good old-fashioned common sense, and also by noticing what we feel in different areas.  For instance, the main entrance to your home or office represents your more formal interaction with people, such as your socialite or business relationships.  Thus, clearing this area leads to your feeling greater self-esteem when people enter, and empowers you to interact from a strong and peaceful presence.

The best advice I have about clutter clearing is to give yourself a break from whatever you have been working so diligently at, and honor the process of clearing.  Put on some music you really like, pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of water, and start with something that has bothered you for a while, like moving a piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to move, or hanging a painting or cleaning the windows.   Often, I begin by taking a walk and window shopping.  Allowing myself to purchase something I really love for my cluttered space paradoxically gives me the joyous energy to tackle the clutter.

For a beautifully clear  guide to Feng Shui’s most important first step, space clearing, visit and click on “Space Clearing” under “Feng Shui Free Resources” in the left column.
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