Theresa Romero Theresa Romero

Graphics and Web Designer

10548 Santa Ana Road
Ventura, CA 93101

It has been my pleasure to serve small businesses throughout California. I have developed or greatly refined office organizational systems, constructed and managed databases, and provided technical support for hundreds of persons. I have produced many professional events, from exectuive CEO meetings to multi-day wholistic conferences. I am experienced and well versed in both PeachTree and QuickBooks, having handled accounts receivable and accounts payable in both.

I currently am Editor and Publisher for RoRo Artworks, Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists. In this capapcity, I design and publish a bi-annual 32 page product catalog, and also format and publish close to 500 greeting cards of artworks by California Artists. In addition, I design and format all business cards, flyers, and mailings, among other duties.

I built and maintain websites, including this one,, TinaOBrienFineArt, and RoRo Artworks. I built and maintain all aspects of the RoRo online store, including the product database.

As a perfectinist and an artist, I am only satisfied when a project sparkes with a message well delivered, a statement creatively made. To this end, I guarantee that every client be thrilled with the results, or the project is not yet complete. And I have the skills necessary to provide the level of work that does thrill, every time.

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