Theresa Romero Theresa Romero

Graphics and Web Designer

10548 Santa Ana Road
Ventura, CA 93101

It has been my pleasure to serve small businesses throughout California. I have developed or greatly refined office organizational systems, constructed and managed databases, and provided technical support for hundreds of persons. I have produced many professional events, from exectuive CEO meetings to multi-day wholistic conferences.

I am the founder and editor and publisher for RoRo Artworks, Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists. In this capacity, I design and publish a bi-annual 32 page product catalog, and also format and publish over 700 greeting cards of artworks by California Artists (including me). In addition, I design and format all business cards, flyers, and mailings, among other duties.

I build and maintain several websites. I built and maintain all aspects of the RoRo online store, which was up for several years, including the product database.

It is my honor to edit and format for publication the poetry books of Richard Palmer.

In addition, I paint and sculpt and make jewelry, and sell my creations at Made In Ojai, the little artist coop gallery of which I am a member, and online at

As a perfectinist and an artist, I am only satisfied when a project sparkes with a message well delivered, a statement creatively made. To this end, I guarantee that every client be thrilled with the results, or the project is not yet complete.

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