Start by Gathering Filing Supplies

. First, decide whether you will use legal or letter sized folders and drawer. 
. Purchase an abundance of supplies, so you will not be short when setting up or modifying your system:
. Home Filing: Three stacking trays for “In”, “Out”, and “To File”: Put these onto your desk immediately and use. 
. Business Filing: Two stacking trays for “In” and “Out”.  Create a “To File” file folder for each group and place in the front folders of your most accessible file drawer, or in a desk-top file stand.  See small business filing for group names.

  1. Filing cabinets in good working order— Business filing requires locking drawers.  See small business filing. 
  2. Hanging file folders with 1/3 cut clear labels
  3. 1/3 cut manila file folders
  4. Only one box of red file folders
  5. Lettered file dividers (Smead SMD50176)— Business filing requires one set for each group.  See small business filing.           
  6. Either inkjet or laser printable stick-on file labels for file folders (Avery AVE8366)
  7. Printable hanging 1/3 cut file label inserts for hanging folders  (Avery AVE11137)
  8. Index File Sorter (Oxford ESS40652)
  9. Four cardboard boxes for pre-sorting, necessary only if you are have a back-log of filing
  10. Box-bottom hanging file folders with 1/3 cut clear labels, necessary only if you have over an inch of papers for some categories. 
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