Perfecting & Streamlining Office Procedures

As we begin to process any resource in our business, such as for instance jobs, we decipher what actions to take and do so.  As business increases, time restraints most often force us to multitask, and also to delegate responsibility for some of this processing. 


For this reason, I have always found it very helpful to record and print all the actions associated with  any resource, to and to work from it every time I encounter that particular resource.  I invariably find that this ensures that no steps are missed and the form creates a very handy reference for myself and for clients.   This form actually helps me to see beneficial changes or additions I can make in procedure, as I work from it.  When this happens, I make a note of the change on a page in the form file and frequently update it with the new actions or changes in the order of actions, remembering to change the date so I will always know I have the most current version.


When I need to delegate, the form provides a great teaching and learning tool as well as continuing to provide exceptional quality control.


Additionally, what is eventually created is policies of entire departments and companies, in a most painless and organic manner.

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Theresa Romero
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