Keeping Track of Expensive Software
  The most important thing about your software is the key codes. They are what you are mainly paying for. They say you own the software.
  It is usually easy to get a copy of the install dvd, or download it from the company's website, but you need the key codes.

I keep all my software in a locked fire box. I write my key codes right on each software dvd, as the software is worth nothing without the key codes and if you lose them, you're out. I also have the key codes in my computer documents folders and in my e-mail folder tree, just in case.


If you purchase your software online and download it, be sure to record the keycodes in more than one place. I always print pdfs of the receipt and of the page that shows the keycodes, and save them in my main Supplies documents folder, in a sub folder titled the name of the software. I also save the e-mail confirmation in my e-mail folder tree and e-mail the pdf of the keycodes to myself, then save it in there.


One last warning: Do not ever let someone you buy a computer from or someone installing the software on your computer keep the actual software disc and key codes. I have seen people lose them in that way, too many times. Sad, but true.



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