Use a software calendar and be diligent about it.  I use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which is included with Microsoft Outlook, and I love it!   
As soon as I have a job appointment, I print a hard copy of the job order and date/time it.
I create an e-mail job order file labeled with date and time and client’s last name, file under Current Jobs in my e-mail program, and move the e-mail of the job order here, as I will with all associated e-mails. 
I post the appointment on my calendar.
If this is a new client, I create an e-mail client file for them, where I will save copies of all e-mails pertaining to procedures, practices, and any applications or agreements.
If new client, I create Outlook Contact file (v-card) for them.  Be sure to include website info. Select appropriate categories.  Note first job and payment amount, when payments are due, whether fax back and invoices are required, etc.
If away from my office, I preferably have client e-mail the information to me, and process it upon my return.  If they can’t do that, I enter the appointment and contact information into my PDA and sync with my computer when I return to the office. 
I enter all my appointments, professional and personal, into my phone with the date, time, and then the last name of client.  I enter their phone numbers here, too.  This provides me quick viewing of my schedule while busy driving or what-not, preventing my ever over-booking.
Create job order file in My Docs current month job file.
Print pdf of job order and save to My Docs job file.
Call and confirm appt. 
        If no answer, Leave detailed vm on all numbers, if no answer, and mark on job order sheet.  Call again at an appriate time.
        When confirming, confirm applicant's names and address, appt date and time.  Remind them to have approriate ID and  whatever else is specified by lender.
        Mark confirmation attempts and confirmation on job order sheet.
Create My Docs File for client, if none already.  Make sure to place this in appropriate category, such as Signing Co or Escrow Co.  Print to PDF whatever docs describe their procedures, and any applications you filled out, and save to this file.
Yahoo directions and print pdf to My Docs job file, titleing "[month, day, time, Applicant last name, total mileage]".  Print Yahoo directions hard copy and staple to back of job order sheet.  Mark map printed on job order sheet.
After the appointment, I utilize the calendar appointment as a job log, entering any unusual experiences.  
I then proceed to follow-up procedures, including invoicing, which I enter into the job spreadsheet.  Invoices, payments, and everything else, are printed and saved as pdf.

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