Keeping Office Machinery In Top Working Condition

Keep in stock toners and all necessary supplies.  Make a list of what each needs and where to get it, and keep inventory on it.  Don’t let yourself run out of any, that’s just adding unnecessary stress.  


Keep your user-guides handy, either under or beside each machine or each in their own clearly labeled file in an easily accessible area of a file cabinet.  If you lack a guide, another can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.


Find a tech person you trust whom you can call or e-mail with questions, and whom you have service your equipment when needed.  Or ask one of the many free online tech support forums, such as Tech Support Guy at


If you are technically savy and have the time, you actually can add and remove your own software and hardware by following the directions from the manufacturer, and troubleshoot and repair most problems to all office equipment by using the user-guide, and online troubleshooting and customer support. 

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