Managing Deadlines

As with appointments, your software calendar can assist you in managing your deadlines. As I have said, I use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which is included with Microsoft Outlook, and as I said, I do love it!   I can view my calendar from my smart phone, which prevents my over-booking.

With a new project, I decide how many hours a day and which days I will devote to a project and block these times on my calendar, as well as the due date. It is my personal preferance that I like to set reminders that pop up to remind me when particular deadlines are approaching. I view my calendar by each day and also frequently click to view each week and the coming month. I log on the calendar of each day any schedule changes, such as if I work different hours one day or a different amount of hours. I also log here a note if I learned something pertinant, had to make a purchase, or changed my course of action at all. At the end of the project, I look back on the actual hours and purchases and create my invoice.

Each job has an e-mail folder in my folder tree, in which all communications and associated purchase confirmation e-mails are saved. I label the folder with the client's last name and the due date and time, and file under the major folder of Current Jobs. I also e-mail to myself any information I find online relating to each project, and save these under the project.

I create an e-mail job order file labeled with date and time and client’s last name, file under Current Jobs in my e-mail program, and move the e-mail of the job order here, as I will with all associated e-mails. 

The final area that relates is the My Docs file I create for each project. Each project is filed under the client's main document folder. In this folder I put all pdfs of receipts for supplies for this project. I include a print out of the pdfs with the client's invioce.


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