The four following programs are crucial to any computer preventative maintenance program. If you don’t have them, I strongly advise installing them:
1. Antivirus
2. Antispyware
3. Firewalls
4. Pop-up ad blockers

In addition, the following maintenance utilities come installed on your computer.  
Learn how to operate them, or have someone do so for you regularly:
Back up your hard drive regularly, to prevent loss of information and programs.
Clean and defragment hard drives, update all drivers, and remove obsolete programs.
Install updates to your operating system regularly.
Schedule your computer to perform automatic updates, disk clean-up and defragmentation.  

If you computer has become slow and sluggish, and/or freezes and crashes frequently, it’s not too late!  
Installing and running these maintenance programs to clean your computer, and operating these maintenance utilities that are built into your operating system truly can bring your computer back to optimum performance. I’ve seen it happen time and time again!

If you do all the above and are still having problems, you may have errors in your system registry.  Your computer comes with automatic registry correction utility that usually handles these problems.  

However, occasionally it needs an assist, which you can give it by restoring the registry to an earlier time, using that same utility program.  Lastly, if that doesn’t work, there are programs on the market that provide recovery in extreme situations.....Or bring your PC to your neighborhood PC Tech Center.

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