Theresa Romero

Computer Tutor
I ADORE computer programs! Besides many specialized programs you wouldn't recognize........

I have expert level skills and enjoy sharing my knowledge about the following programs:

Microsoft Windows ©
Word ©
Excel ©
Outlook ©
Publisher ©
Adobe PhotoShop ©
Dreamweaver ©
Illustrator ©
InDesign © 
MGI PhotoSuite ©
WinZip ©           
Win-Fax ©  
E-Fax ©    
Microtek Art Scanner ©
ScanSoft Paper Port ©
Graphics Tablets
Barcode Generators
PDF writers
and more!

I also have extensive experience with numerous programs for the following groups of hardware:

CD burners       
Personal Computers

I can teach a particular set of beginning or advanced features of any of these programs,

or just help you to become more knowledgeable about their general capabilities. 

With patience and empathy, I put you at ease and empower you to master the information you desire.  

My specialty is writing clear and concise instructions for you to follow, once you are on your own.  Call me.  You won’t regret it.

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